Are you under 30 and ready to lay out your designer aces?

Sign up for a young designers contest. There are not only financial rewards from 200 € up to 4.000 € in the game, but it’s also a great opportunity to compare yourself with young designers from all around the world, to show people what you can do and maybe to start your career. The only thing you need to enter the contest is your talent and courage.


Contest categories

Submit your application to the largest design contest in Central Europe and the show the international competition what you can do. You can get an internship at a prestigious design firm and win € 4,000 on top of that. 

Become a winner of the Best in Design and open the door to a lot of options.

Industrial design

Design of machines and equipment, design of tools, transportation design, etc.

Product design

Large series product design, interior design and furniture, etc.

Fashion design

Clothing design, textile design, design footwear and accessories, jewelry design, etc.

Communication design

Graphic design and illustration, new media, visual communication and intermedia, web animation, etc.